Patient Stories

I’ve had a problem with my weight all my life. Nothing worked for me. I even thought I would gain even if I breathe the air. My situation was desperate until Dr.Sakkal found the problem with my metabolism and compulsive self-defeat. I have finally followed Dr. Sakkal instructions with great success. I feel like I was born again with new metabolism all over. What a joy!

 - J.H.  A medical assistant in Hazard, KY.

I was always told my type 2 diabetes will never be controlled. I have the most severe insulin resistance and I will always need insulin in huge amounts.  They finally they put me on U 500 insulin, the most concentrated insulin around and still my glucose was sky high.  I felt lousy, slept all day, kept feeling tired, depressed with no hope until Dr. Sakkal treated me after figuring out my root problem and revamped my treatment plan completely.  He started me on the newer weekly injection with remarkable improvement in weight loss, near normal glucose and life. I am preparing myself now for the Bariatric surgery with a new lease on life.

 - M. S.  School teacher  in Greenville, Pa

Although I was a physician myself, I could not control my weight, breathing has become harder, my congestive heart failure has become unmanageable and my sex life was zero. I came to Dr. Sakkal after nearly trying everyone in Cincinnati.  I had to interrupt my work often because of my illness and my wife was worried this was my end. But what a happy outcome I had since he started me on the Spironolactone, the HCG/Testosterone combination and the weight loss program. Not only my diabetes and weight are better but my CHF and Dyspnea are so much better. I have not missed a shift of work for the last 2 months. I think I will survive happy.  Praying for you. So is my wife.

 - R. M.     Physician in Cincinnati, Oh

Thank you for helping so much. When I saw you first in November 2013 I weighed only 93 Lbs., too low for my height 5’ 7”, and looked like skin and bone. My mom and dad were concerned I might disappear, my boy-friend left me after seeing more than 20 doctors in Louisville, Lexington, Covington, Cincinnati and the Cleveland Clinic.  I continued to lose weight despite hundreds of tests, thousands of x rays and consultations, all supplements, nutritional supplies, and medications.  Only after you put me finally on the right program and medications for my Hypothalamic dysfunction that I gained excellent weight to 118 Lbs. and looked great.

Now I need your help again: since you left no one knows how to treat me again. They stopped my program and medications to see if I could keep the weight, they sent me to many doctors again using many medications without good results. I lost my weight one more time to 95 Lbs. Please tell me where will you practice again. I trust fully your program.  It is the only one that worked for me. Please take care of me.

 - T.S.    Office secretary in Lexington, KY

I had so much trouble with thyroid symptoms.  I felt tired and cold all the time, could not lose weight, had dry skin, brittle nails and hair, felt down, achy and stiff from the moment I woke up, slept most of my days, could not do anything for my kids, even house work. I would not even enjoy anything, made my husband mad with “cold feelings”. Every doctor tells me my thyroid tests are normal and it is all in my head, and I needed to rest. One prescribed even active natural thyroid extract but nothing helped. Nothing until Dr.Sakkal found the central root for my thyroid problem and corrected everything related to it. Now I use one medication, Vitamin D and I feel so much better. Even my sex drive is back, I love my husband, family and myself again.    

 - J.A.    Homemaker in Pikeville, KY

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