DiabeteSmart™ membership benefits
  • What is DiabeteSmart™?
    • It is the Culmination of many years research emanating from the Artificial Pancreas™.
    • The inventor of the Artificial Pancreas has developed the DiabeteSmart™ technology.
    • Its algorithms exist in a cloud base technology for virtual diabetes treatment.
    • We have helped over the years in the clinical application of this technology.
    • We are the only licensed practice in the Tri-State Area.
  • The invention: Virtual Pancreas Best Algorithms
    • New Algorithms are now available for persons with T1D or T2D and their health care providers.
    • They help users achieve and maintain Optimal Diabetes Control (ODC).
    • The algorithms integrate patient data (blood glucose, body weight, prescribed medications, diet, exercise, and stress) into a teaching resource that targets blood glucose and A1C levels.
    • Users who achieve and maintain ODC can expect to prevent, slow, or reverse the eye, nerve, heart, and kidney damage of long standing diabetes.

Standard Diabetes Care

  • Standard Diabetes Care involves:
    • Blood Glucose testing in excess of 80 or more times a month.
    • Blood glucose readings are taken in hit-or-miss fashion
    • Blood glucose is poorly controlled
    • Over-medication is common
    • A1c is outside the target range
    • Risks for hypoglycemia are high and poorly tolerated
    • Body weight is uncontrolled
  • Standard Care has other detriments:
    • Progressive damage to the eyes, nerves, heart, and kidneys
    • Poor quality of life
    • Shortened life span
    • ODC is needed when Standard Care fails.

Optimal Diabetes Care

  • Optimal Diabetes Control means:
    • Blood Glucose levels - in target
    • A1c - in target
    • Body weight - in control
    • Medications - minimized
    • Risks of Hypoglycemia - minimized

Optimal Diabetes Control (ODC)

  • ODC is achieved or maintained when:
    • Structured Blood Glucose averages are taken overnight and before / after meals.
    • Averages are within target ranges
    • Minor medication corrections keep glucose averages within target ranges
    • Predicted A1c is within target range
    • Risks of hypoglycemia are greatly reduced or eliminated
    • Body weight is controlled
  • How is it done?
    • Users may test and record as few as 16 glucose readings a week.
    • Testing is structured to sample blood glucose before and after meals, at bedtime, and overnight for two days only in the first weeks.
    • This organized sampling is used to create meal period profiles that are representative of the user's glycemic status.
    • When ODC is achieved it can be maintained with even less testing, as few as 16 a month, or just 16 in the week before a scheduled medical follow up visit.
  • Our Consulting Specialists Monitor You
    • Track your glucose records
    • Make the necessary changes with great success
    • Monitor your eyes, kidneys, nerves, heart, and other diabetes damage to stop progression.
    • In many cases the tissue damages can be reversed. This is the most promising fact we have seen over the years.
  • Expense
    • The monthly cost is $100, but may be paid in one payment of $1000 once yearly for a savings of 20%
    • The final expense is a net savings to you as we found by careful research.
    • Saves glucose testing strips: 16 instead of 120/M, (actual savings per year approx. $600)
    • Saves medications by 22%- 25% ( average yearly medication savings $ 1400)
    • Saves ER and hospital visits (average hospital stay costs saved $3600)
    • So the equation is simple:
      $5600 Total yearly direct savings
      – $1200 DiabeteSmart Technology club expense
      = $4400 Net savings to you!.
      Add to this the remarkable indirect long term benefits:
      - Cuts diabetic complications by 50% (every 1% drop in HgA1C cut complications by 25%).
      - Actual cost savings here is immense and hard to imagine.

We have seen these benefits in many patients over and over through the years, so what are you waiting for?

  • HOPE