Terms we use

In this section you will recognize the reasons we treat our patients like our own families. We use the following terms in these pages to express specific defined ideas:

  1. Partner: every patient participating in one of our coaching and support clubs described .
  2. Club: a group of partners sharing the club goal in improving their health in definite area (diabetes, weight, lifestyle and wellness in general, and our most special Very Important patient club.
  3. Coach: our personnel who partner with all club partners, to coach them collectively and individually to reach their optimum goals. Coaching has become the most vibrant new way of reaching health outcome and life targets, it is our way of being sure all our partners reach success.
  4. Partnership: is the shared structure to work together between our coaches and partners with each having rights, privileges, duties and dues.
  5. Privileges: each partner has special privileges including the access to the club site, the coach, the handouts and action instructions manuals, diary registries, methodical reviews, corrections to reach goals, office visit services, and accolades when goals are reached with graduation certificate. Each club has its own specific privileges.
  6. Dues: partner subscription fees which entitle the partner to all privileges access. Dues are paid monthly or quarterly usually, but many prefer a discounted fees once yearly.
  7. Commitment:: all our partnership clubs are open to our present or potential patients. We don’t ask for any long term commitment, but the majority will choose a specific time commitment to reach their targets, as tailored to their need in each club.
  8. Store: the place where the tools for success are available for sale based purely on partner preference
  9. Access: always available to all partners by E mail or online, depending on the club, However the VIP club members has an access to the office visit anytime during office hours and by private phone 24/7.
  10. Termination: any partner could terminate their club membership by a 30 days’ notice. We have also the right to terminate any member privileges if abuse is detected.
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