Weight loss coaching club benefits
  • Mission
    • Weight loss is a challenge for most of us.
    • We all have suffered through many trials in the past.
    • We made it simple after many years of experience.
    • Studies have shown just stopping meals and exercising more is sometimes helpful but not adequate.
    • What really works is coaching.
  • Coach
    • Your coach will determine your preparedness, motivation, impediments.
    • We do an initial SWAT (Strength/Weakness/Assets/Threats) analysis.
    • We explain to you the recommended program, review your diary and progress.
    • We make a commitment to help you achieve your goal and work with you every step of the way until you reach your target.
    • Your coach will work with you maintaining your success and your healthy lifestyle for years to come.
  • Tools
    • We developed over the years effective tools based on recommended scientific basis
    • A practical Pyramid tried for success according to your situation.
    • The plan is divided into the three well known stages — Induction, transition and maintenance.
    • You have seen how it works in The Biggest Loser, Atkins, The Zone, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. But we will go a step farther.
    • We use well-structured healthy diet and exercise
    • Approved nutritional supplements, with tailored medical and coach supervision.
    • Medications are used according to standards when needed.
  • Outcome
    • Your results will beat or exceed you past experiences.
    • We use evidence based outcome measures including your body measurements, your blood chemistries analysis and risk factors assessment.
    • You will be healthier than ever, you will rejuvenate.
    • Although you may lose one lb. daily in some plans you will find ours the best to keep your optimum weight.
    • When your program is complete you will receive your report card with a certificate of accomplishment.
    • But the best surprise to you is we give you partial refund based on your success.
  • Expense
    • We will discuss all expenses for this partnership in advance after your initial SWAT analysis.
    • Although variable based on your goal; here is an example of common scenario:
      – O.W. likes to reach an ideal weight by losing 30 Lbs. We do the initial SWAT analysis for the initial insurance pay (if no insurance we will discount immediately 30% (or at least $30).
      – Induction starts the first 2 weeks losing one Lb. daily ( could be extended for another 2 weeks if preferred for the total of the 30 Lb. desired)
      – Transition continue for 4 weeks with the achieved goal either at 4 or 6 weeks as preferred.
      – When you start your maintenance you could go on for years with minimal expense.
    • Use of supplements and medications is Optional and the diet/supplements/medications we prescribe are the less expensive of all, saving a big chunk of money.
    • We guarantee your Total cost, after our refund to you, is less than what is spent on any plan total cost by 30% (most commercially available plans are quite costly, but you know that).
    • We have seen the value in our partners many times, over and over. Don’t wait anymore!
  • HOPE