Wellness /lifestyle club benefits

Mission: Our club is open to anyone interested in optimal wellness in the young and old, in rejuvenation and successful aging (also called anti-aging or age management), which include metabolic and hormone balance.

Wellness to us is the optimal state of spirit, mind, and body. We believe to get the best of life, today and in the future, you need a healthy bodyt, hat a healthy body depends on your tranquil mind choices (IQ), and a tranquil mind demands a full spiritual comfort to avoid confusion, demands love for emotional fulfillment (EQ), and to have hope for accomplishing your life goal.

Tools we use:

Lifestyle management helps achieve the above goal: Stress, nutrition and exercise protocols designed to fulfill the needs for the spirit, mind and body, and are coordinated for the optimum results, and complementary to all clinical examinations and hormone tests. While it helps wellness seekers it is also the first step to natural therapy for many diseases as well.

  • For Stress Management we use many proven techniques:
    • Screening instruments to determine etiology and effect of stress on mood and function
    • Cognitive therapy with interpersonal therapy sessions (8-16 as needed).
    • Benson's Relaxation exercises with deep breathing meditation techniques
    • Biofeedback with HeartMath™ stress measurement technique
    • And others based on individual case assessment.
  • For Exercise we use all available resources in the community, to fit every budget:
    • Exercise prescriptions with gradual, progressive levels according to skills.
    • We will request an exercise stress test when needed.
    • We cover all 4 types of exercise: balance, stretch, weight, and cardio, each according to goal.
    • Goal setting for each according to age, skills, target heart rate, and fitness.
    • We always try to structure the exercise to produce happiness by natural endorphins and not pain by toxic lactic acidosis.
  • For Nutrition, our protocols are developed according to needs with emphasis on:
    • Appropriate Macronutrients needs for weight, energy, and growth.
    • Appropriate Micronutrients balance: Vitamins, minerals, Anti-Oxidants, etc.
    • Super foods, variety, and healthy gourmet style to satisfy the senses.
    • Our special form of intermittent fasting with the Eastern Mediterranean Diet
    • But we will go a step farther. We use, in addition, approved nutritional supplements, with tailored medical and coaching supervision. Medications and hormone replacement are used according to standards when needed.
  • Outcomes
    • We measure outcomes and progress periodically.
    • We use evidence based outcomes, including your body measurements, your blood chemistries analysis and risk factors assessment.
    • You will be healthier than ever, and be rejuvenated.
    • Although you may lose one lb. daily in some plans, you will find ours the best to keep your optimum weight.
    • When your program is complete you will receive your report card with a certificate of accomplishment.
    • The best surprise to you is we give you partial refund based on your success.
  • Expenses
    • With any illness it depends on the original illness.
    • We generally take any insurance payment for any illness or well visit.
    • We will discuss all expenses for this partnership in advance after your initial SWAT analysis (your health Strength, Weakness, Asset, and Threats).

      Although expenses are variable, based on your goal; here is an example of common scenario:
      - We do the initial SWAT analysis for the initial insurance pay (if there is no insurance, we will discount immediately 30% (or at least $30).
      • We agree on Interpersonal cognitive therapy with lifestyle protocol we will always accept insurance payments and discount 30% of copays, and deductible.
      • Use of supplements and medications is optional. Diet/supplements/medications we prescribe are the less expensive of all, saving a big chunk of money.
      • We guarantee your Total cost, after our refund to you, is less than what is spent on any plan total cost by 30% (most commercially available plans are quite costly, but you already know that).
      • Usually out of pocket expense does not exceed $300. We have seen the value in our partners many times over and over. Don't wait anymore!

  • HOPE