Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia Care
  • Why do we consider fatigue such an important symptom in our practice?
    • We found out the Hypothalamus (the master’s master gland) to be the center of Energy.
    • It controls input of energy from eating, expenditure by exercise, and storage in fat cells.
    • Any stress (physical like illness, or mental like depression) effects Energy metabolism leading to fatigue, from as little as being tiered the end of stressful work day, to as much as chronic fatigue lasting a lifetime after major disaster ,to complete exhaustion as a result of a fulminant crisis.
    • Thus fatigue, acute or chronic, is a hypothalamic disorder with metabolic peripheral symptoms.
    • Left untreated it is a killer. We can’t let it kill you or me .We will conquer it by all means.
  • Why do we consider Fibromyalgia such an important disease in our practice?
    • We were surprised over the years by how often this disease is neglected and minimized!
    • Most often, we heard our patients say: my doctor says I am not sick; it is all in my head!
    • But we have discovered Fibromyalgia has all the feature of Hypothalamic Dysfunction.
    • It involves the many hypothalamic functions coordinating with mid brain centers we deal with every day: Energy, appetite, weight, sleep, mood, pain threshold and others.
    • As a result we have a mission to treat this hypothalamic dysfunction by any means.
    • We use successfully many forms of natural therapies, as well as effective selected medications.

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